Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Love Coffee!

OK, I have to admit it. Coffee is one of my big weaknesses. Right along with dark chocolate and feel good movies. But, not unlike movies, who wants to pay the price for a Venti soy latte', decaf, two raw sugars? Not me! Besides, I don't know about you, but some of those coffee houses should just post a sign, saying, "Free Colon Cleanse With Every Cup You Drink!"

I solved my 'coffee house' dilemma by putting my little blender to use. Some are called 'Magic Bullet' and others are put out by Braun. Either way, you can have a great cup of 'coffee house' allergy free coffee in minutes!

I discovered recently Rice Dream Vanilla Hazelnut. I pour about 2/3 of that in my blender cup and fill the rest of the way with hot coffee. Add a shake of sugar or stevia and blend. Instant heaven! Or, for the summer, simply add ice to your concoction, and you have yourself a coffee smoothie! Pure delight!

Our griffin/lab looks like he could use a 'morning cup'!

Happy sippin'!

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Mel's Mom said...

Okay there lil miss Rhomance! I JUST now noticed your blog for food challenged folk! Thanks for being such a good to friend (to me AND Mel)!