Saturday, August 2, 2008

Feelin' Crazy...

Do you ever have 'those times' in your life when it feels as though you just may lose the cheese out of your sandwich (or if your lactose intolerant, the tomato or whatever)?

I am having one of those times....

You see, I am a homeschool Mama of three this year and a Church School Mama of two. Add to that the fact that I am first my husband's help meet and second all the Mama roles, then housekeeping....well,you get the picture.

Along with those already tasking roles are some events that have dictated I take on a few more roles in the 'Rohm(ance)' household for the next few months. I am one busy lady!

Hence, I will be taking a sabbatical for a time, but would love to return to blogging when my life has a little more normalcy to it!

But I do this with a favor to ask: If you read this blog, and it is a blessing to you, would you please leave me a comment? If I determine that there are simply not enough readers in need of a blog such as this, I will most likely stop altogether.

My goal was to be a blessing to others such as myself. But I need to be a blessing to my own household first, and if the blessing is without reception, well....I will have to let someone else fill my shoes.

Please pray for me that I will keep a sweet spirit in the months to come.

Thanks! And be...



Bus Driving Mama said...

Please don't stop your blog. I like eavesdropping errrr.....reading about your life.

Who is going to church school this year?


Ginger said...

Hello Jaime,
Your Mom forwarded a link to your blog. Thanks for the great food ideas and encouragement. You are a blessing. I have several friends and friend's children with gluten intolerance etc. I'll forward your link along. It was good to see your Mom and Dad at the reunion.
God Bless,
Ginger Chirgwin

mel said...

You simply cannot leave.

That's an order. Or a request. Not sure...

Anyway. Have a good break, and I'll see you when you get back!!!

Kimberly said...

I totally understand. Under normal circumstances at the "Happy Hearts" household, I am also trying to get priorities straight. This blog has been a blessing to me, but I understand it does take a lot of time. I will miss you but enojoy your famiy, as we know they come first.