Friday, September 19, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Glock?

Well, no. I really didn't misplace a Glock. I don't even own one. Not that I wouldn't like to someday. I only own some 'big' guns....those are a little more difficult to miss. Yet I can't help but wonder if I did own a Glock, would I be a responsible gun owner? Or would I do with it like I do with everything else; "Dang. Now what did I do with those bullets? And the gun? Oh, GREAT! Uh, Mr. Burglar? Yeah, uh, hold on a sec while I look for my bullets to shoot you with. Aha! Here they are! Now, where did I put that gun?"

I joke all the time that I am ADD, but honestly, I think it's just a bad case of brain atrophy. Perhaps senility setting in very early in life. But it's true. I have had the darnedest time remembering things lately.

Maybe my brain suffered when I had my Celiac meltdown and couldn't absorb enough vitamins. That's what I like to think.

It might even have something to do with the fact that I have five children ages 7 - 14 who need my constant guidance.

Whatever it is, I am resolving to up my vitamin intake and maybe even start on some of those 'memory herbs'.

Because when you get right, what was I going to say?

Well, anyway, take your vitamins and...

Be Happy For Good Memory!

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Gramma N. said...

Clock? I have clocks in every room! Ohhhh, you said GLOCK! As you get older, your eyes will go too! Ginko Biloba twice a day is essential for memory!!