Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, Doggone!

We've all been there. We've all experienced it. At one time or another in our lives, it has or will happen to all of us.

You know the drill. Sitting reading quietly, or perhaps watching your favorite T.V. program. Maybe you're eating a meal, or studying for that all important exam.

And then, out of nowhere...WHAM! It hits! Crowds scatter, forks are put down, the remote flies and the book is dropped. All over the room, people are gasping, exclaiming and running for air.

Yes....the dog....has farted.

Some bring out matches, others spray the vanilla scented aerosol (resulting in a slightly farty vanilla scent). Everyone shoos 'Rover' out the door, banning him from the house indefinitely.

"Why", you are probably asking, "would she do a blog on dog flatulence?"

One simple answer: Dogs can have food allergies. I am not making this up!

Now, not all dogs with gastrointestinal discomfort have food allergies, make no mistake. Perhaps it was the leftover sauerkraut and bratwurst you fed him. Maybe it was the fact that money was tight, so you bought Kibbles-n-Bits, otherwise known as the Capt'n Crunch of dog food.

But if you routinely find piles of, uh, let's say, exhaust in your backyard that looks as though a stampede of elephants has just been through, you may have a problem with your pooch. Likewise, if your family is constantly having to hang their heads out of the vehicle instead of Fido, we may have an issue.

It is not uncommon for dogs to have an allergy to wheat or gluten. Now, if you think about this, it just makes sense. I mean, check out that dogs teeth. He was made for eating flesh! Yes, he may love the marshmallows and peanut butter you feed him for your entertainment, but think about it! Have you ever actually seen a dog chow down a bowl of bulgar wheat? No way! If you tried to feed that to him, he would look at you with that 'Stupid Human' look.

Now, a bowl of chicken and we're talkin'!

So, if you are wondering why 'Butch' is whining to be let out at night, having more noxious fumes than normal and depositing way more on the back lawn than is normal for one dog, the solution is easy: find a gluten free dog food (I'm not kidding! It's on the shelves!), usually formulated with lamb, chicken and rice. Slowly change over to the new dog food and observe for a month. If you notice a marked improvement; ba-bing! You have found your answer! Your gluten-free dog is a very special member of the canine species!

And, perhaps, it will spare you the embarrassment of handing out oxygen masks to your next dinner guests.

And Be Happy For 'Man's Best Friend'!


Bus Driving Mama said...

Soooo, a family full of food allergies and you manage to get a dog with food allergies too???


Anonymous said...

I look forward to your informative but fun to read. Our small dog has amazingly bad emissions...thanks for a possible solution!