Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pizza Party!

This is not anything new in our household. The kids come home from whatever activity they're involved in holding the paper that announces, 'Pizza Party'!

Now, for the 'normal' family, this would be cause for celebration! "Whew! One less mouth to feed that day!"

But not for us.

My reaction? "Crud. Now what?"

Not only do you not want your kids to feel like complete dorks because they're not eating what everyone else is, you know that they cannot eat what everyone else is! What a dilemma!

While it takes a little creativity, we moms (or dads as the case may be) can make this not much of a big deal at all.

The most important part is to check with the teacher or leader of the group throwing the party. It's imperative that THEY know the allergies your child has and that his/her food MUST stay separate from all the rest. Personally, I like to designate one helper to make sure my kids get their food if I am not there. Of course, now that my kids are older, they take care of it on their own.

Simply, I make their own pizza the night before in a microwave safe dish (such as a pie plate). Then, we transport the pizza to the facility's fridge. When it's time for pizza, my kids or their helper can simply 'nuke' the whole pie. Now they're eating what everyone else is eating (with a few slight modifications!)

This method also works well for birthday parties (cake, 'ice cream', and yes, pizza) and holidays.

It's a little extra work on Mom's part, but well worth it when your kid doesn't have to miss out because he or she is a 'food freak'.

Happy Partying!

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