Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kids Have a Way of Saying Things....

" *gasp* We cannot believe you just said that!"

How come it is that children can get away with saying things we have been thinking.....things we wouldn't dare say aloud. Because if we said them, we would be labeled intolerant, hateful, narrow, what have you.

Perhaps it's because God put something 'in the mouths of babes' that makes whatever it is they say somehow turn out adorable, true and cute.

To make my point, the other night our family was praying together before bed. When it came to Noelle's turn, she simply prayed this:

"And God, please help our new President to be nicer than we think he is."

Now that's much better than me praying, "And God, please help our new President to not be such a jerk!"

See the difference?

Happy Days!

1 comment:

Sara Vbos said...

Well said!! Sometimes I wish we could get away with stuff they say though...