Friday, January 2, 2009

It's A Family Thing....

No 'food allergy' posts today....

Just some assorted pics I thought would be fun for viewing...

The above pics are my Mom & Dad, back in 'The Day'...

This is me with my favorite person in the world.

My boys (middle and right) dressing up for church youth group 'Nerd Night'.

My three lovely daughters at the beginning of our latest snow fall.

The guy on the right is my uncle. The guy on the left? Um, not a criminal, of course!

Here is my uncle once again....a more recent photo....and, no - he's not shooting criminals.

This is my sister in law, Kristi. Don't let her size fool you.
You wouldn't want to break into her home.

This pic from a little while ago is of my brother and me.
Behind us you will see my Dad's beloved GTO.

Above is my beloved sister in law again with my brother, Don.Our family crest contains the image of a wild boar....the Scottish have a way of making statements, no? This was their Christmas card this year. Creative, ya think?

Happy New Year!

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Kimberly said...

I was always amazed by your creativity. Now I know where you get it...and your good looks:)