Monday, April 18, 2011


I am officially on the mend - although, it seems as though pneumonia or bronchitis is setting in. I can't tell which. So while I'm not one hundred percent, I am getting there. And after almost two weeks of not shaving my legs or clipping my toenails, we are back in business. After clipping and shaving, that is.

But I am slipping away from the entire reason for this post...

Which is this:

While coming out from my coughing coma, I was hungry. But for what, I did not know. So my amazing husband went to the freak section of our local health food store and found the above little packages of heaven.

You will only understand what I mean if you've been grounded for any length of time from microwave burrito goodness. I could care less for burritos before the lab results. Now that I can't have them, I want them. Frozen Reeser's burritos, microwaved just right and swimming in a sea of beany temptations. Oh, yeahhhh.

Let me tell you - these Amy's gluten, dairy and practically everything free burritos are really, really good! They are a very close twin to the real thing! I was hesitant at first, seeing as how the first few ingredients are GARBANZO BEANS for the tortilla and PINTO BEANS for the filling. That just seemed like overkill for the small and large intestine and trouble for those present in the room with me.

But it seems my worries were without need.

And now I am addicted.

Which is not good when you consider the three dollar price tag...for EACH.

But I'm just glad they're available.

Now what are you waiting for?  Go grab some burritos and....

Fiesta Feliz!

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