Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Do the Freaks Eat When They're Sick?

Remember the days before you found out you were a Food Freak? When you got sick, you likely asked for a bowl of this:

...because that is ALL that sounded good. NOTHING else would do.

But are...ruined. Because once you've had a steaming bowl of that MSG laden, wheaty, egg noodle goodness, you can't imagine anything else comforting your sick little self.

Until Now!

Because by boiling two cups of this:

..along with a cup of these, broken up:

 ...with a pinch of dill and bit of curry powder, you can once again have a comforting bowl of soup very much resembling the Lipton brand that once soothed your aching throat and icky tummy.

There, there now. We'll make it all better. Yes, we will.

Happy Tummies!

1 comment:

AmieB said...

I discovered that chicken broth the last time I was sick (before we moved). It was wonderful!