Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunflower oil - who knew?

For years I have been an Extra Virgin Olive Oil kinda gal. For everything.

I used it in my sauteing, frying, braising and the extra light stuff for my baking.

But that's until I met and fell in love with Sunflower oil. First cold pressed and unrefined.

While reading up on oils, I discovered that bringing certain oils to very high temperatures can actually change the nutritional value of the oil. Olive oil is one of those. Sunflower oil is not.

So I tried it. And, YUM!

Since you get that wonderful, sunflower nutty taste, it makes sauteed veggies out of this world! I sauteed frozen broccoli the other night for dinner in the stuff - only one of my kids likes broccoli - and it was absolutely snarfed! Everyone loved it. It makes all sauteed vegetables just that much better.

I also drizzle it over my green salads for a dressing. Add a little salt and presto! It is an amazing addition.

For pasta salad, I add a portion of mustard, white cooking wine, agave, salt and garlic powder to a portion of sunflower oil. Whisk it up and pour over your pasta salad. Divine.

Now, don't try to bake with it. Unless you like your cake to taste like sunflower nuts, then by all means do. But still use the extra light olive oil for that. Nothing works for baked goods better.

And to prevent the sunflower oil from becoming rancid, store it in your refrigerator.

Isn't it great to be nutty?

Happy Sunflowering!


Maria said...

I am most definitely going to try this!

Nefertiti KMB said...

Yes Indeed!...It is Grand to be Nutty!...I loved your blog very Interesting and Informative!...I use Sunflower oil as Well...but I appreciate some of the extra tips that you provided on other ways to use it!...Thanks and Peace Love and Happiness 2 Ur Soul!...

Nefertiti KMB said...

Yes Indeed!...It is GRAND to be Nutty!...Great Blog and very Inspiring!...I as well have been using Sunflower oil with rewarding results!...I appreciate the Extra Tib bits on how else to use it!...Thanks and Peace love and Light to your Soul!...