Friday, September 30, 2011

Are You Courageous?

If you are a parent, even a grandparent, or a hopeful parent to be, please go see Courageous.

My husband and I saw this film at the theater today and it was so much more than a movie.

It had the hand of Almighty God on it.

By the first quarter of the film, my husband and I were crying, feeling convicted and utterly surrounded by the Lord's presence.

"But it's a movie.", you say.

No, no, my friend.

It was a sermon.

The conviction flowing through the others in the theater, all perfect strangers, was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

Truly, the presence of the Lord Jesus was with the men who wrote, directed and acted in this film. The saving grace of Jesus Christ was clearly presented.

No one, no one, can walk away from this film unchanged.

If you have a conviction against movie theatres, but you are a parent or hopeful, consider breaking your conviction this one time. Arrive after the worldy pre-movie previews are played and prepare to be spoken to as though you were in the biggest revival meeting of your life.

You will be a better parent for it, guaranteed.

And be sure to bring a lot of tissues. The manliest of man will need them, I promise.

Be Courageous!!!

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Kayla Garcia said...

So inspiring! And not just for fathers!