Friday, October 14, 2011

Lights! Camera! WAIT!!!!

Four of my kiddos (the teens) were assigned a project in their 'Missions' class that could be done via skit or film.

They chose the big screen.

Well, the medium screen, really.

Fine. The small screen.

And since we live right next door to their fellow students and good friends, they paired up to make a short dramatization on the life of medical missionary, the late Ida Scudder.

Here are a few pics from some of the 'shoots':

Here we have 'D.L. Moody' filming his preaching scene.

Here we have the 'extras' cast trying not to laugh at my son's fake beard.

Checking out their 'takes'.

I will post the final project when it's done.

Until then...go research Ida Scudder. She was a pretty amazing woman!

Happy to Have Great Kids!

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