Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a Crock! (Crock POT, that is....)

It's Fall! It's cooler! It's cozier!

It's time to break out the soup and stew recipes again!

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

My family has been pleading for chili, so now that the Beano is purchased, I can oblige.

And now I am sharing with you.

Yes, I'm that nice.

And I'm going to copy every other food blogger out there and give you a step-by-step pictorial of my "Man, is that GOOD!" chili recipe.

Here we go:

For a 5 quart crock pot recipe, you will want to soak four cups of dry beans in water overnight.

I did not take a picture of that. Sorry.

I did use small red beans and pinto beans in equal amounts.

If you are wanting to make less, simply cut this recipe in half.

After about 12 hours, drain and rinse your beans (this step will greatly reduce your chances of, uh, noxious fumes later on.)

Next, place your beans in the crock pot and pour one carton of Imagine tomato soup. It is vegan, so no worries about the dairy thing. If you can do dairy, a carton of Pacific tomato soup will work fine too.

Ha! Isn't this just like Pioneer Woman? OK, perhaps not. Perhaps not even.

Next, set your crockpot on LOW and let the beans absorb some of that yummy soup for about four hours.

If you don't want to do that because you are wanting to fix it and walk away, then go ahead and follow these next steps right now. Young lady. (Or young man....don't want to be labeled as one of THOSE bloggers, now...).

Next, you need to add garlic. Now, I only added two cloves since there is already garlic in the soup.

Didn't want to go overboard...

Also add some onions....and then some green peppers.

While you are chopping and dicing, be preparing 1 pound of turkey burger along with 1 pound of ground beef. (This adds more protein while keeping things lean...not to mention flavorful!)

You will not use all the meat, but reserve some for later recipes such as spaghetti (think ahead, peeps!)

Notice the cool ground meat tool I'm using? It's at Pampered Chef.

Believe me. You want one.

Next, while your dog is drooling, add half the meat mixture and a generous sprinkling of chili powder.

You control the heat.

I also like to add onion powder, cumin powder, salt and whatever looks good for seasoning chili!

While the dog is still drooling, go ahead and give the batch a few stirs.

Add about 4 cups of water (enough to cover the beans), as the beans will absorb quite a bit of the liquid.

If you want your chili more 'tomatoey', by all means, chop some up or add some tomato paste.

But my hubby is not a fan of tomatoes, and I cook to make him happy, so I don't add any more than the soup.

Cover your chili and cook it on low for about six more hours. You want your total cooking time to be 8-10 hours on low for best results.

Serve with a side of corn bread, and you are set to have a scrumptious, easy, Fall meal!

Happy Chillin'!

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