Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ya Slob!

Poor Joe.

He was such a slob.

But thanks to him, we have a great sandwich!

Hooray for Joe!

And hooray for allergy free Sloppy Joes!

These babies are perfect for those hectic nights.

First, you will want to assemble your ingredients:

For the buns, I like these Ener-g Seattle Hamburger Buns. They contain no gluten, eggs or dairy. If you can have eggs and dairy, there are hamburger buns available that contain them, resulting in a better bread. I simply slice and toast these on a low bagel setting for about a minute, and they taste great!

For the sloppy sauce, I use Imagine tomato soup (again, no dairy), two small cans of tomato paste, onions, minced garlic and peppers (any variety).

We have a good sized family with four teens, so for this recipe I used one pound of ground beef and one pound of ground turkey.

Brown your meat. Halfway through the cooking process, add the onions, garlic and peppers.

It is also a good idea to throw in some salt and other spices.

I used some cumin, chili powder and whatever else I thought would give the meat some 'pep'.

When the meat is cooked thoroughly, add 3/4 of the carton of soup and both cans of tomato paste.

If you like a little 'kick' to your Joes, add some hot sauce. I didn't heat it too much, so the bottle went on the table for those who like the really hot stuff.


At this point in the 'Joe' prep, you have two choices:

You can put your meat mixture in a crock pot and set to low for about 6 hours.

Or, you can let it simmer for about fifteen minutes and serve right away on the toasted buns.

We paired ours with a garden salad.

Oh, and a fork. Did I mention that they're sloppy?

Any way you make them, they are sure to please your crew!

Happy Messy Eating!


2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

LOL !!!
You are hiliarious!
Thanks for the recipe. 8~)

Sunny Jane said...

I'm leaving you a comment. Now I'm not a creeper...