Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shout Out!!! For the Roastere'!

Okay, my Freaky Readers, here's the scoop of the week!

If you live anywhere in the Treasure Valley and are peeved that you cannot get a good, allergy free, soy free hot coffee beverage ANYWHERE, search no more!!!!

Because at the


They use almond, rice or the yucky soy milk.

Their syrup bottles are labeled as to whether they contain an allergen or not.

The coffee is to die for.

The barista is super careful about your allergies.

The coffee is to die for.

There are many choices in latte flavors.

Did I mention that the coffee is to die for?

Until today, I would walk into, say, Starbucks, for example, toting my carton of chocolate almond milk.

Feeling like a dork on public display.

And I would be resigned to only iced coffee, since they have no way of safely heating my milk (or they would refuse).

And there I would stand at the counter, mixing, mixing, mixing away at my dopio on ice in a venti cup.

But today, oh glorious today....

For the first time in years, I walked into a coffee house, sans almond milk carton, ordered a 20 oz vanilla latte, and enjoyed being 'normal' for a change.

It was truly divine.

*The Roastere' is also located in Twin Falls, Pocatello, Salt Lake (go figure!), Denver, Bend and Kennewick. However, I do not know if they also offer almond milk. Give 'em a call if those locations are in your vicinity.

Happy Caffeinating!

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2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Hey....So happy for you!
I sooooo enjoy the smell of coffee...but do not care for the taste....I know...I am some strange person(so is my I guess that makes 2 of us.)
Take care,
P.S. my word verification was spanki....LOL