Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do you 'like' me on Facebook, or do you 'like like' me?

Well, I took the plunge.

Not literally, it's too cold for that.

Unless you're one of those weirdo Speedo wearing guys that jumps into ice cold water in the middle of January.

(I have absolutely NO IDEA who this guy is. At least he's not wearing a Speedo.)

No, I took the:
Facebook plunge!

I am now officially on Facebook and, mind you, not with any grand delusions of becoming the next Pioneer Woman or Gluten Free Goddess.

I. would. not. want. that.


No thank youuuuu.

Just hoping to help along a few more people with their allergy issues that I can't reach through blogging.

So while I'll still be here, I will also be there.

If you're on Facebook, would you please go check out my page?

And if you like what you see, will you 'like' it?

Like, thanks!

Happy Social Networking!

1 comment:

KayleeBeth Simmons said...

if i had a Facebook i would click "like" like 300 time (i don't think they would let me do that!)

anywho keep on posting on your blog for the people that don't have Facebook :)

Love Ya!