Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ranch! Allergy Free Style!

Missing your ranch dressing? Not a problem! The good folks over at Follow Your Heart have put together a healthy, delicious vegan mayo: Soy Free Vegenaise.

They make other varieties also, but I like to avoid soy where I can.

To make your own ranch dressing with Vegenaise:

Allergy Free Ranch Dressing

1. Empty the jar's contents into a bowl.
2. Add some dill, garlic powder, a little salt and good amount of pepper.
3. Add a little filtered water to give it a 'dressing' consistency.
4. Put the whole yummy blend back into the jar. Now you have a ranch dressing that is healthy, tasty and allergy free! 

Yes, it's that simple!

Happy Salads!

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