Friday, April 6, 2012

Frugal Friday at the Freak Food Gourmet

Seeing as how it's so darn tootin' expensive to live allergy free (we have to eat REAL food while everyone else can buy Top Ramen), I decided to give some tips every now again on how to save money in other areas of your household besides the kitchen.

Our first lesson, class, will be how to make your own Windex/sanitizer.

You will only need three ingredients and a household spritzing bottle:

Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing alcohol

Simply pour your ingredients into the spritzer in three parts:
1 part peroxide
1 part rubbing alcohol
1 part water

Lean a little towards the generous on the rubbing alcohol, so there is slightly more in your bottle than the water and peroxide.

Gently shake the bottle to mix, and now you're ready to clean!

This solution is great for:

Tile floors (spritz and mop with a terry cloth/microfiber flat mop)
Grout (spray it on and watch it bubble - look at all the germs you didn't know existed!)
Stubborn stains around sink drains
Toilets (external)

We have a 'cleaning station' in each of our bathrooms set up with a bottle of this cleaning solution and paper towels. When a family member is done at the bathroom counter, they simply spritz and clean up their toothpaste, makeup or beard shavings (gender depending, of course...). The bathrooms stay clean between the weekly deep cleanings.

Just be careful if you're wearing good clothing while spritzing, as the peroxide can bleach fabric.

And it doesn't cost very much at all.

Which means you can go buy more Enjoy Life chocolate bars.

Happy Saving Money!


Tiffany said...

Love chocolate bars! I will have to try the new cleaning spray! Thanks!

maids Eden Prairie said...

Oh, Thank you for sharing this cleaning solution. It is really very easy to make and is also not expensive. I will certainly try this at home. I do love how you give big importance to cleanliness and hygiene. Keep up the good work.