Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick Lunch Idea!

So I'm going to go all Highlights Magazine on you and do a picture story.


For a quick, delicious and nutritious lunch, take one

and top it with some


Next, layer two slices of

Next, dampen one

square and cover your flat, cheesy, meaty



for just one minute. Then remove it and discard the

(Unless you are completely anti-microwave. Which I can understand. So you can skip the heating/melting part if you want to.)

Next, slice up half of an

and layer it over your heated, melty, cheesy, meaty


Fold the entire thing in half and

And there you have a yummy lunch idea.

Happy Quick Lunchtimes!


KayleeBeth said...

Mmmm, this sounds ah-mazing!

HelenMarie said...


Sunny Jane said...

I like the Highlights look! :)